Oct 12, 2009
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Who thinks FM2011 is easy????????

I'm managing Eastwood Town, I won B/S North in first season, Conference in my second season, League 2 in my 3rd season, and League 1 in my 4th season. I'm currently unbeaten in the Championship. All this and im always in the red. The fans and Board think im untouchable.

The only downside is i dont have any money to upgrade stadium, so im managing a Championship side with a max cap' of 5500 lol.

I really think i have been lucky, my team is mainly man u etc, youth players who have been released.

I have also kept most of my backroom staff since i started aswell.

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I will try and get some screenshots posted on aswell
what tactic did you use as i am thinking of doing an Eastwood Save as i Live Close to There, love to take them to Prem Glory
It depends. If you've been using tactics froms sites and been buying players that have been reccomended to you by forums then you can't really say its easy. If not then I guess it is, or you're just good.
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nah, i use a 4-5-1 mainly and 4-4-2, i alway put tackling opposition strikers hard, n weaker foot. its reli good if the opposition strikers are unfit. i scout my own players cause i dont think its real enough using other peoples reccomendations. i in januray i aslways look at the prem's n some championships under 18 n reserves and see who are nearing end of contract, i scout them and try and buy them 4 free at end of season. i scouted every prem 18 and reserve player who contract r running out, took some time n got me some great players ashame some cant make it all the way. my best freebie in first season was Phil Younghusband, went on and sold him n then got him back a couple of years later, only for him to not b good enough for my squad lol.
You call that LLM?

Try some hardcore stuff, like trying to manage New Quay in the Welsh Premier. My path so far has been from Ceredigion League 1, Mid Wales League 2, Mid Wales League 1 and now the Welsh First Division. Just trying to get that extra push into the Welsh Premier Division. My transfer budged is £0 and my wage budget a maximum of £2100.

Come back and then tell me it's easy.
or Great Yarmouth Town in Level 10, im struggling in the conference league badly