Is FM2013 the hardest ever? Well, here's the proof...


Apr 17, 2011
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Hi all,

Everyone knows that FM13 is harder than previous issues, but how much of that is in the mind? Well, I thought of an objective measure - the ratio of posts in this forum's "Post Your Frustrations" thread to those in the "Post Your Successes" thread, compared with previous years.

So, going back to FM10, the first year in which these threads appeared:

FM10: 60% as many successes as frustrations
FM11: 60% as many successes as frustrations
FM12: 54% as many successes as frustrations
FM13: 25% as many successes as frustrations

So there you have it - FM13 is not only the hardest ever, it's literally twice as hard as FM12. Proven by science. I was sort of expecting it to have the lowest ratio of successes to frustrations, but I'm honestly surprised at how much the difference was.

I was also surprised that the second-hardest was FM12 - wasn't this meant to be too easy? I skipped that one myself.
Yeah it IS the hardest, but that makes it the best imho.
It needs to be noted that (at least) half of these 'frustrations' are directly linked to how buggy the birth of this years game was. The BETA and first 1-2 weeks worth of post would have been nearly 100% frustrations (and the ocassionaly: "holy ****, look! I won a game").

FM13 is indeed harder than any of the previous ones I've played but I've hardly found it impossible. It's a really, rewarding challenge and so far, worth every cent of the €50 I spent on it.
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Good point - perhaps it needs to be measured when the next iteration is released (i.e. when most people have moved on from FM13 and the two threads have largely run their course) to provide a completely fair reflection. That said, I doubt it accounts for a whole 100% difference in the ratio.
I think its easier tan FM12. I never won anything on that game but on this one I've won something every season with Arsenal and managed to get Southampton into Europe after two seasons.
won FA Cup in 1st season and PL in 2nd season with Liverpool so finding it easy enough
It's not difficult once you find the formula & players to fit in that formula. I've got an Arsenal file where I've won everything for 5+ seasons in a's no longer a challenge team-wise, I only do it as a scouting exercise now, to find good young players to continue my dominance.
I won the Prem Title with Swindon after 5 seasons, with 2 Title Winning back-to-back promotions, so anything is possible really if you make the right signings and keep the morale high!
Winning titles seem more special now, winning big games make you jump out of your seat. While the game isn't nearly as easy as FM12, it is by far more exciting.
Proven by science, really? This is a fan forum for a computer game. members come and go, threads flourish and die. Maybe Joe Bloggs doesn't want the world to know that he won the league with Man Utd? Wow! Good for you, Joe!

It could be that SI have improved the match engine to stop exploitive bugs that generated super tactics and now that lazy players (formerly myself) have to actually play the game properly, there have been a rise in complaints.

What? I can't play tiki taka football with Havant & Waterloo? But I have Scott Jones, super star.

Anyway, back to my point. Judging the difficulty of a game based on thread posts on a fan forum is a bit silly.
Okay but, how much did the players base and forum users grow during this time ??
This is silly, it's a fans forum and I ignore the successes thread but may occasionally use the frustrations, making it an unfair test. Also, several potential people for the success thread have story threads so feel no need. Also, successes can simply be signing a player, what's so difficult about that? Those people have probably given up posting in there. Also, you haven't had a full release time to base it on.

You say it's science, this is what's called an observational study, google it and you'll find many reasons why this supposed study is flawed. I have personally had more success with FM13 than any other FM so this isn't necessarily true to everyone anyway. Also, it definitely makes smaller victories more satisfying than before, so it for me it's easier and more enjoyable.
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I'm afraid there is no accuracy with your findings. Like Golem stated in his post above, people are more likely to post frustrations than successes. There is no bragging rights with winning the premiership with Man Utd so nobody would bother posting it. On the other hand, if your having a problem with a game that is causing you frustration, then your more likely gonna voice your opinion on a forum.
It is not hardest, it is easy as FM11 or FM12 were, I had no problem with winning...People were frustrated and were complaining, because there were HUGE bugs, you could do everything right and you still lost, because of bugs...FM hasnt changed, it is the same, plug a good tactic and play..You will win everything.
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I have to say that it is definitely more satisfying winning in this FM than previous ones, maybe due to the fact you can't use a super exploit tactic anymore. It's case of a love, hate relationship with this game at the moment.
ive been 2 seasons unbeaten tbf. keep ur team happy and make sure ur tatics are spot on
by saying keep you tactics spot on does that mean saving before every game until you win?
Initially it's abit daunting as it is considerably different to FM12. But personally I find it much much more rewarding. Also, you can't judge it by the posts in a fan forum thread. Personally i think for a new ME, FM13 is incredibly good and it will only get better with improvements to it!
Did anyone really think I was serious when I described this as 'science'?



And while it may be pretty unscientific, I feel the need to point out that a lot of the issues posters have mentioned - e.g. length of time the threads have been up, number of forum users, should be irrelevant because this is the ratio of successes to frustrations, not the absolute number of frustrations. And things like people's tendency to post negatives rather than positives should be constant over all versions of FM.

And FWIW I agree that FM13 is much more enjoyable than previous versions. I just find other people's perspective interesting.
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no idea why everyone thinks the game is so hard.. i started as arsenal, was there for 12 years, built up a team and deveolped youth and won everything there was to win. it got too easy so wanted a challenge.

roma were 15th in serie A and in severe financial difficulty, i sold all the deadwood, sold whoever was overpaid or old. brought up a few youth players and got some quality loans in. managed was there 5 seasons, won the serie A 3 times, italian cup 3 times, lost in the final of the europa league but never got past the quarter finals of the champs league.

i moved on to athletico madrid, was there 4 seasons, highest league position i achieved was 3rd. missed out on the title on the final day of season. i did however win the europa league. no spanish cups though. i scraped through the season after i won the europa league on the verge of being sacked, i was then sacked the following season whilst in 8th place at christmas. had a torrid time with injuries and depth of squad wasnt very good.

went to bayern munich who were now a mid table team, ive since won the league, the champions league, the german cup, the european super cup, on mulitple occasions ,my squad is amazing, have loads of fascinating young talents who ive brought up through the ranks. im now in 2035 and im waiting for a job to appear back in spain as i want a spanish title.

i think the key to winning is to develop youth, buy cheap strong players, and utilize loans, even if you dont need them now, in a few months u might get a few injuries, its good to have them as a back up. i like to handle all the contract renewals as i keep players on low contracts for as long as possible. i dont like it when my assisant offers a mediocre player 80k a week cos they score a goal and the media goes nuts.