Sep 20, 2009
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Just wondering if FM classic is easier than the normal fm13 mode? I've heard people are having a hard time winning in the normal mode and miss the old FM's where you chose a tactic and didn't have to change all that much from game to game. I'm asking because I'm considering to buy fm13..
Yes, FMC is much easier. You should just buy FM13 anyway as it's a good game just like the other FMs
I have played 10 seasons on FMC and I do have to change my formation during games And depending on opposition. FMC is identical engine to normal mode just Without the additional features.
You will fail if you don't have a good tactic. Its not as easy as it was 15 years ago, but still quite easy. I've been off the FM scene for a while, but so far I've had more success in my first game than ever before. I remember playing Peter Beardsley as a DMC because I thought he was one, and signing a L2 player named Fowler purely for his name back in the days... :)

A few reliable tactics that suit your team and some good transfers over the next seasons will still eventually lead you to glory though.
So do I need more than one formation for my team? Or is one formation (and one tactic) enough where I only adjust the tactic settings once in a while and/or during matches? Thinking about marking, pressure, counter attacts etc?
Easier in the way that you dont have to do as much stuff, player training, insant result, alot of things the computer takes care of...
My tactics have identical 'team instructions' the difference is the player positions only. I am having a very good career with this approach .