Is he just Adapting or is it my tactics?


Jul 23, 2012
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I was tracking him for two years and submitted a fair few bids but his work permit got declines three times, then at the start of last year I saw he joined Espanyol and had a release clause of £7.25m I know they made a load of money off of him but he's a player I really wanted. End of last season he was great scoring 7 of his 9 league goals in the last 5 games keeping me up but since then he's struggled showing only glimpses of his ability.. But when he's on form in a game he's unplayable.

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I use the tactic with two strikers more often the the single striker.

Views and Opinions?
Both strikers as poachers just doesn't work in my experience. I'd change Blaskic to a more supporting role, One that might see him playing Eboh in.
Hmm needs work on his composure and decisions, first touch isn't amazing and he's not the strongest forward if your playing him alone sometimes? Some players have the initial goal spurt as they want to impress more, but he is a good player and will get better the more you play him!:)
He might just be adjusting, too, because he is Nigerian and the language barrier might affect his play too. Give him some try and experiment with his role and the players around him and their roles.
They speak English in Nigeria.

What have you decided to do?
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play Eboh as CF - Attack and set him as the TM - mixed

How tall is your other striker? what is his heading/jumping stat?