Mar 29, 2009
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Is it just me who gets a bit wound up when squad numbers aren't the way I like them? I don't know what it is, but there's something about having a ST wearing the number 8 shirt that makes me nauseous!
In my opinion, squad numbers should always be laid out like this:

1 First choice keeper
2 First choice RB
3 First choice LB
4 Deep lying CM
5 CB
6 CB
7 Right Winger
8 Advanced Playmaker CM
9 Target Man
10 AM (or 2nd striker)
11 Left Winger
12 Backup Striker
13 2nd Choice Keeper
14 Backup Striker
15 Backup CB
16 Backup CM
17 Backup RW/LW
18 Backup CM
19 Backup RW/LW
20 Backup CM
21 Backup RB
22 Backup LB
23 Backup CM
24 3rd choice keeper

I realise this is probably just some form of Obsessive compulsive disorder which I've developed over the years, but does anyone else have preferences when it comes to handing out Squad Numbers?
I do have some preferences, mostly for ones such as 7 is a right mid, 10 is a striker, 11 is left mid. I tend to have 3rd choice keepers as 32, 2nd choice keeper as 13, and the right and left backs as either 2 and 3 or 20 and 21.
I only tend to have the best player of the squad as my fav number - 22 :D
I do the same as Cavani. My favourite/best player will ALWAYS be 21. Other than that I pretty much follow the same process as the OP.
If I sign someone for a lot of money, I usually give them a high number like 88 for some reason. But apart from that, the numbers don't bother me to much.
I'm going to have to try that best player idea, that's interesting
I always give my best striker Number 7 in hopes it ignites his inner Henrik Larsson. IF i play with a Target Man he is usually number 9 or 10 (Hartson or Sutton), My DMC is usually 18 Neil Lennon. I TRY to have a number 99 just for fun, usually the Brazilian in my team. Number 3, Left Back. Number 6, Center Back (Bobo Balde). Number 2, Right Back. Number 1, Goalkeeper.
my top striker always has the number 9, it's a Newcastle tradition.
I often give squad numbers based on previous players, like if I end up with a regen that has fantastic playmaker stats like Fabregas, I would feel inclined to give him the #4 shirt because of my love for Cesc Fabregas.
I set up my numbers similar to the OP in my first season in charge of a club but the longer I'm at a club the further it strays from that, the only rules are that when a player enters the first team squad or if they are already tehre when I take over then they keep that shirt until they are no longer part of the squad, Number 1 is always a keeper from my first team squad, though not necessarily the best and 13 is the best/ most promising Keeper outside of the first team squad.

Resreves then start from the highest free number, with youth folowing that. Then any promoted players or new signings get the lowest free number (apart from 1 or 13) first in order they are when sorted by position whenever I need to give out new numbers.

this has meant I've had number 9 as a RM because he was retrained and number 3 up front as that was the first free number when he signed.
Yes yes yes!!!! I thought I was the only one! Although I dont necessarily agree with you I am very **** about my squad numbers. For instance, I hate a massive signing having a number outside the first 11. Example Leandro Damiao is ALWAYS number 9. I have a thing about squad numbers feeling right for a certain position. 12 should NEVER be used for an outfield player and 29 is always a RB or striker. 27 is always a LB and 1, 12, 13, 22, 30 & 40 are my GK. I always have 7 as a RW unless I have a quality striker who suits it, ie Suarez or Cavani. Sometimes I have to clear my squad number selection completely and manually allocate each one to all 40 or 50 squad members just so Im happy or it drives me mental all season that my fourth choice U19 DM is wearing the number 5 shirt!!!
I try and set up my 1 - 11 in the classis 442 english numbering, then the 13 for the spare keeper, it kinda goes **** up from there..
I do. It depends on the formation, but it mostly goes like this:

GK: 1 and 12
CBR: 2
CBL: 6
DL: 3
DM: 5
MR: 8
ML: 11
AMC: 10
ST: 9 for the best, and 7. Substitues will use multiples of 9 (18 and 27). A 19 can also be seen.

GK: 1, 13, 23
DR: 2, 21
DL: 3, 15
DC: 4, 5, 6, 19, 24
DM: 16
CM: 8, 18, 22
Wingers: 7, 11, 17
AM: 9
ST: 10, 14, 20

Dunno why I have rather odd numbers, heh.
I always give a striker No.7 after my favorite striker Henrik Larsson. I also tend to give my AMC's number 19 (after Stan Petrov) and 25 (after Nakamura).
I only don't want to give no 32 to anyone, just because that Argentinian ***** wears it.