Is it possible for the board to build a stadium without telling me?


Jul 24, 2010
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I'm playing as Chelsea and I've been contemplating a new stadium for a while.
I go to boardroom requests, I find out that I can't click on them.
I scroll over to see the reason. It says "Board Request is currently being actioned"
and yet i've never heard about this, nor have i seen anything about it on the boardroom page.
It's been an year and a half since I couldn't click on the new stadium button.
Can I expect a new stadium to just appear anytime soon?
I really dont know at all about this but i can guess that maybe they find it will bring financial benefits to the club and is in planning stage. Perhaps at the 2 year mark they will let you know they will build a new one after the planning stage has been completed.
my board built training and youth facilities without telling me
Maybe my board are really annoying they accept small bids for players when were not in debt, then don't give me the money :( They came in after my 3rd season and give me enough to keep the current team going thieves I really don't like them I have lost about half of my main player's
when my board do that i offer the player to another club for cheaper make him accept there then cancell the transfer