Is it possible to put a password on an FM save so that it cannot be deleted...


Aug 1, 2011
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...without the password?

I am asking this for two reason. One is that I have an annoying bro who has deleted 2 of my saves this year. Plus, if you've seen a thread I made like a week ago, I accidently deleted one of my own.

Is there a way to do this?

If the user accounts on your computer are set up correctly then you can prevent him from accessing the folder it's stored in.
As Lee said, just put a password onto your account. It wouldn't stop you deleting it, but there isn't anything you can do about that. Did they get deleted through FM (E.g on the screen where you pick a save to load) or manually through the computer (E.g you went into My Documents, Sports interactive, etc.)

If it was through FM, you can't recover them without using a restore point. If you did it manually it should be in the recycle bin!
Also - make sure you always have a weekly triple save so that if one file is corrupted/accidentally erased you will have two left!!
Maybe store the save to a USB stick? so if it is deleted,you always have backup
I do have a password on my account, but for some reason he can still access my files from his account, and vise versa, as I can access his folders/files from my account??

How do I stop this?