Jun 30, 2009
Reaction score
Is it worth playing a full game to see whats happening to adapt your tactics or would the match stats be a better reflection on the game
I use pretty much only match stats. It's just so ******* tedious to sit and watch the players.
Actually match stats give you many conclusions and help you a lot with adapting your tactics but.. I can't find a statistic which tells how many balls were lost because of unsuccessful dribble. When I watch full match I can judge after first 10 minutes that some run with balls for some players should be reduced. Don't know how to notice that on the basis of match stats only..
I watch the Extended highlights between 20 and 70 minutes but full before and after that I watch full to get a feel for the game
I pretty much watch the whole thing and that includes the friendlies. I want to make sure EVERYTHING is going right from player positioning, passing movement, players runs...everything. So if anything is going wrong, I can see where and work on it and rectify. Having patience helps. But for me it's the only way to be absolutely sure my strategy is working the way I want it to-I never base anything solely on stats.
I tend to watch the full match for a few games at the beginning and end of the season to see how the team are doing. Apart from that usually extended unless there is something I want to check on.
I watch 'comprehensive' highlights, with all key highlights repeated slightly slower. Apart from key games against tough opponents, when I need to react even quicker than normal to anything that occurs, so I instead watch the whole match :)
I watch the full match with the speed slider about 3/4 of the way along - the clock ticks down at about double speed but player movement still looks pretty normal.

I turn to 'comprehensive' if we're either thrashing them or getting thrashed, and there's nothing I can do tactically - so generally either when waiting for half time or after I've used all three subs.
thanks for advice i think im gunna watch the whole match at a fast speed like spleen said, wouldnt want to be losing matches which i could of won with abit more attention to detail, i will also pause the game every 10 minutes to check the the stats and cross reference them with hopefully then can go the season undifeated unless ive missed something???
I only watch key on full speed, otherwise my games go at a snails pace but will use full to check up on my tactics from time to time.