Is Jack Wilshere worth £60 Million?


Mar 12, 2009
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Playin as man utd in the January transfer window of the second season, Really need a CM to partner fellaini. I've had a bid accepted for £60 million for him but not sure if he is worth it or if I shoul go for someone else? please help, thank you.
Not worth it, just got him for 29m start of 3rd season.
Got Chamberlain for 12m, I'm Utd too.
Probably because Wenger had just retired.
IF you dont have anything else to spend on, he is freaking frustrating to play against, an absolut perfection. But thiago/eriksen play in the same mould and are also great, and cheaper.
yes snap him up now and train his long shots (6)
Thiago is an absolute beast. Got him to 20 passing.
Ross Barkley could get for 10mil or maybe Will Hughes?
5th season with United and i play with Ross Barkley and Wilshere in the mid and i can say Thiago who?
If you have the money and you dont have a weak link, buy him, he is a such a beast.. Scouting reports says that he is injury prone, but he rarely gets injured.
best Center Midfielder I've ever had has been Leon Goretzka, he was MILES better than Jack Wilshere for me in my Arsenal save.
Ikkay Gundogan, marco veratti... Just naming 2 more who is also better than wilshere in my opinion... But wilshere is really good if you ask me. Worth 60m? I don't think so...
60m? i dunno. hes a beast in my save, leading scorer from amc.
no need to spend that much on any player, thats ridiculous.
Verratti in my opinion is better I got him up to 20 passing, flair, and creativity with 19 decision:O
wilshere is immense on fm if trained properly Ive had him look like lampard a few years back utter immense stats :D worth it but thiago is an equally good shout
Me personally would find no trouble splashing 60m on Wilshere but i think you can get alot better for similar money...My man utd team is extremely strong, highly recomend all of them for any potential buyers

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