Is making my club have a sugar daddy cheating?


Jan 15, 2010
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i am Red Bull Salzburg and in last years fm they had £10 mil to spend on transfer budgets but this year they only have like 2 million :S
i dont know wheather to go on fmrte and add a sugar daddy because in real life the red bull company would inject large amounts of money into the club wouldnt they?
so would this be cheating or just making it more realistic? :S
since you're having to change it yourself then I would dub it cheating but it's your game so you play it how you want
thanks :) should i make it forground or background?
i've always wondered what effect this has on a club? anyone care to explain, like what it would do for a club such as man utd for example.
Explanations of Sugar Daddy.

Foreground - They throw money at the club to spend.
Background - They spend enough to make them a force in their current league but if they go up a level or two it would no longer apply.
Underwriter - They don't give the manager any extra transfer budget but come the end of the season they will always cover any loss the club is making and not expect the money back.
So what one should i put it to?
background daddy, but the real question is: Do red bull do it in real life for the club?

If they dont then you cant argue its realistic, but its your game
I would say use the background one, it would make more sense for a team that is improving and pushing up the league
no in the last 5 years they've won the league 3 times and runner up twice
its cheating imo there chairman doesn't do it irl so why should he on the game?
just because the red bull company is rich doesn't mean they invest heavily in the club.
But it is your game and if you want to cheat go ahead