Jan 25, 2011
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In this editor that came with FM2011 I see I have a old player (37) with CA of 75 and PA over 100. I'm assuming that the PA must be players potential over his lifetime and not necessarily in the future. Is my understanding right?

If he's 37, I would take a guess that that was his potential years back, what's his name?
Ian Goodison, nice chap he is.

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Thanks Raikan007
PA is his potential ability from whenever, he can/could reach 100 (but that is never going to happen) just remember PA drops, he could have been 140 PA in older Fm's and Cm's, does not mean that that was his PA from when he was younger?

does he have staff attributes yet? if he does, that could be his PA as a staff member?
This is the potential (100) that he COULD reach have during his career. It will most likely happen during peak ages, e.g. Goalkeepers when they are past their thirties usually reach their potential then. But at 37 he is probably regressing and getting worse (CA decreasing), so no he will not improve due to his age and you are right in saying that it is not necessarily in the future. PA is usually a good factor for younger players around 19- 25.
But do remember that players rarely hit their potential (look at Balotelli), because of their mental abilities (or lack of) such as Determination, Work Rate etc.
37, he will only get worse. Sit him down for a private chat and recommend the staff role he is interested in :) That way he will stay on at your club. I have Ross Tokely as my Player/Assistant manager!