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Is player specific training the way forward?

Jun 21, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I just have a few queeries on training schedules?

I currently just use position specific training (GK, FB, CB, DM, CM, AM, WG AND ST) in three categories; "extreme" for the first two weeks of pre-season, "fitness" during the last few weeks of pre-season and "normal" during the season, i.e. my full backs will either be on "FB fitness", "FB extreme" or "FB normal" etc. Is this the right way to go about training?

I also have a few under 18's who will be good or leading in the premiership and so is it really worth giving them their own player specific training? And if so, does this mean if i have a centre back who is great in the air and at tackling but very slow, i should have low levels of defensive training and high levels of aerobic, or do i still need him to do a lot of defensive training?

Many thanks!