Is the game actually playable for anyone with the new patch?


Aug 6, 2011
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want to start up a new game but don't want to unless the youth intake is working, is everyone having a problem with it?
Most people I know with the youth intake glitch have it regardless of whether their save was made on the new patch or not.
Mines seems fine with 4 5 star regens in 3 intakes
Nope, but because of the injury bug rather than the youth intake problem.

For all I know I have the youth intake bug as well, I just haven't been able to get far enough to tell :)
Ive just had my intake and i got 2 5 star regens and a 4 star. My save was started before the new patch but ive not had any good youth players on any of my saves before this time
currently on the new save, I have not had any decent regens in my team but there have been some good ones coming out of different countries which are costing around 2-4m so its not too bad. However the amount of injuries there are seem to be hampering my teams success losing the league 2 seasons in a row by two points is very frustrating after loosing to teams like hull, reading, norwich because ive had to field reserves/ youths
i went a whole season in championship with an injury every game and least 1 yellow card every game even with low level training and normal tackling
5 injuries in one game is a record for me. That was on the last patch as well.