is there any rangers fc guides?


Aug 1, 2010
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every time i play with rangers i dominate scotland but cnt seem to atract a certain calibur of player to progress further than group stage of european cup lol. its a joke aswell because i dominate against some of the big guns but jst cnt seem to score alot, and when they have 3 or 4 chances a game they score 2! really stressfull haha

any advice ppl:)
Just like real life then mate, i played 3 seasons of my rangers save and then gave up because it is very hard to do well in Europe but the league was easy won it 3 in a row! celtic finished 3rd in my last season as well haa
suppose, but you see people winning so much with championship or league 1 teams it gets you thinkin if you can go further with gers lol. even to the last 16 or a little bit further in europa league to bring in more money to sign players, wages more than a transfer budget haha!

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wat about tactics for a 3 star team?
Its not overly hard. Everything has to be spot on though. The correct balance between defence and attack. Have you been taken over yet? John Greig took over the club in my save with them which I'm currently playind and has been excellent. Provided money to spend and has recently gave me £11m to spend in January.

Champions League money is vital to the club. In the first couple of seasons, a decent to good performance is needed.

I created a guide on FMFT although i hadn't played as Rangers when i created it but it should still be relevant.

Anything in particular you would like to know?