Jan 14, 2011
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convincing a player who's 'definetly not going to remain in football' of carrying on ?.
you can talk to them and convince them to not retire or you could give him a new contract saying one year extension after say 20 games or something like that
When someone retires I don't think you can stop them
I've never seen an option for International Retirement as I had this problem
but I've never tried to stop someone from retiring from club football
Trying to get Pazzini to become a coach. Something sentimental about having my former players as staff from my perspective. Apparently, 'I think your wrong, boss', but told him I had his interests at heart and he apologised. No ******* though.
Do you mean when a player is retiring and he doesnt want to become a coach or anything ?
Probably if you keep pestering him and say he will make a good coach he might change his mind
oohh... what i do is i just ask him about the different staff jobs and if he still says no to them all just keep pestering him about the job you want him to do i.e. coach