Is this laptop any good?


Apr 22, 2013
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Hi folks,

I don't know alot about computers so im looking for some help. My current laptop is running slow when playing the new fm 13 (1.5 stars) and im hoping to purchase a new laptop. After having a look about this laptop caught my attention HP Pavilion g6-2244sa 15.6" Laptop - Ruby Red Deals | Pcworld. I don't know much about computers so looking for some advice on this. It attracted me due to the good reviews and battery life. What do you think guys ? Is it worth the price ? How would fm run on it ?
its not bad mate, only problem for me is the processor! its an AMD duo core, I would look for at least an i3 or i5 rather...

or AMD quad core if you prefer AMD
I just brought a new laptop last weekend (old one overheated and died).
It's an i3, 4gb of ram, Intel 3000 graphics card.
It was cheap and cheerful £320, running English leagues and 6 background leagues with 5 star performance, instant response from clicks on any screen, been a joy to play FM on, the facepacks
, logos and skins ect had started to make my old one lag but not anymore( not that I'm feeling smug or anything).
ASUS A53SJ-SX480V ( Red ) Notebook this is mine but icore 7 and a 2gb graphic card i got it from pc world for i think it was between 400/500 cant remember but i have every leage loaded and playable and its still 5 star its a great computer so fast and reliable and ive accidentally dropped it before and dropped things on it and its never damaged it i highly recommenced it :)
Going to be honest-I got a pc with a monitor from Argos for cheaper £299 with 4gb Ram Win 64 bit 2gb graphics memory AMD Raedon card Buy Zoostorm 500GB 4GB Desktop Tower PC with 18.5 Inch Monitor at - Your Online Shop for Desktop computers and all in ones.

Can play Skyrim on high, Warcraft maxed out and easily upgradable-runs FM nicely

Not a bad price for that AJT. If it fails to impress in latter years you can upgrade the CPU to one of these: 5800k or 6800k. Even better processors with integrated graphics and they are also FM2 so they will fit without the need to change anything else in the PC for a major boost :)