Island + Croatia WC 2018


May 3, 2010
Hello guys i post here now and then now i got for u tactic Island from WC 4231 version i have also 442 if u want got me promotion with Crystal Palace won cup first season got into quarter of UEFA second season.

With the Croatia tactic i won CL with Arsenal right when i transfered from CP so first season then simulated other seasons with me resigned so i dont know the right results but its based on AMR beign like OZIL in RM of Mourinho era and AML Defensive dude like Rebic :D. Also the midfield triangle is MCR like Modric MCL some other creative dude like Rakitic DMC defensive dude with def capabilities u can use Wanyama or good trained Kovacic he is beast

Sometimes use hard tackling :D or always close down OI its good for it :D sometimes dont use OI its up to you if u want to tire players or injure other team players :D

I post here also the Island 442 now bcos its solid from what i saw in WC they were unlucky vs Nigeria
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