Apr 9, 2012
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Everytime i select my starting formation its fine i then select my players as usual then when giving my team talk before the match everyone is within the correct position then at half time i find that my players have swapped with other players for example i have a defensive midfielder and also an attacking midfielder but by half time there showing up on the selection bar on the left that my attacking midfielder is infact now playing defensive midfield and vice versa, Ive tried everything to correct this issue with no luck at all so this was my last resort. why is this happening?

Go to tactics screen then on the top you should see some options. Overview, team, player etc.
press player then click on a position which you notice has been changing. Eg DMC
Press show instructions and then un tick swap position button. Hope this helps. May be a different problem.
omg now ive just read your comment you reminded me i had my 2 outwide wingers to be swapping with each other i then changed my formation so that must be why there both swapping. appreciate your reply because i would never have figured it out without your comment cheers mate
I've had this too, had my poacher swapping with my CF for no reason and when I change formation mid game my strikers end up playing in midfield or basically wherever they aren't meant to be!! very annoying when you have a def mid playing upfront for half the game!! i think its a bug it started for me petty much round the last update
did you try what cai said mrmaw? you may at some point in your game asked your wingers to swap so when you change formation the same thing is still happening. ive fixed this now you have to go to player instructions as cai1234 says