Jul 11, 2011
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hello my friend it is possible to get 100 % for every player in physical condition with a blue square bet premier with 46 match + the fa cup + the europea league because this guys is playing europa league so suspicious ! more than 60 match in a short time with a bad staff skill and very low physical player.

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why i post this because i want people confirm if this guys using fmrte editor for physical help cuz i'm doing the same challenge same division with no europa league and there is too match for having 100 % of condition for EVERY player for me this is cheating so what do u think about it
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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and simply say no, it's not possible. Having all players on 100% condition during a season should be impossible.
thank your for telling me your opinion i need more people to confirm or not this one because i think it's not normal for a friend to use cheat and saying he's not cheating.
I agree with mersk, it's just not possible to have 100% condition during a season, especially if he's in Blue square bet premier and also in europa league.
well obviously he's cheating Luca Lezzerini would never sign for a BS Bet Prem team.. He's a great young GK with bags of potential..
thank you the football manager community for your answer
Absolutely impossible, you can also tell he is cheating by the fact that he has foreign players ("Federico Barba, Carlos Garcia, Lorenzo Parmatti and Loic Baal) Also the fact that it is 2014 and FC Manchester can only be playable if they got promoted in the previous season as they are in a league lower than that F2013 actually goes(unless your using a custom database) means that they only just entered the Blue Square Premier so they will have players and coaches of a poorer quality than that of the rest of the league BUT in the screenshot all the players have incredibly high average scores for such a poor team in that league. Plus, obviously, as mentioned before 100% condition for all members of the team is quite literally impossible.
thx hugues for this information i had doubts of him and know i'm sure.