Italian Clubs Logos no Longer Appearing in any Save


Nov 3, 2009
Apologies if this has been covered before but I couldn't find a previous post about this happening.

I loaded one of my saves today for the first time in a week and noticed that all Italian clubs have lost their logos that I downloaded in a megapack and they are no longer there. In there place, each team has a generic badge with their colours. I then checked a previous save from a few months ago where I was Atalanta and all badges have disappeared from this too.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The only things I know that have changed in the last few weeks is that I have upgrade my Mac IOS to Mojave and I think Steam updated after this. I have tried deleting my cache and preference folders and verifying the cache again but this doesn't work. Also cleared cache and reloaded skin in game. Anyone got any ideas?