Nov 24, 2010
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so I'm playing with A.S. Andria BAT. We got promoted from Serie C to Serie B, and I splurged on some talent. One guy, a Def. MF named Romano hasn't really been performing well for me, at least not as well as I'd like, but he's still young yet, and could always improve in the next season or so.

Romano is currently valued at $275,000
I keep getting offers from other clubs that are interested in 50% ownership. Here is the offer:

-The offer is worth $250,000
-The duration is for 2 years
-Both teams will own 50% of the player
- Triestina (the other team) may buy the other 50% at any time for $500,000
- After 2 years both teams must bid for the other 50%. The club with the highest bid will own the player outright. If both bids are equal the player will stay at his current team.
- The decision can be made after 1 year if both teams agree to bid.
- Romano will stay at Andria (my team) until Triestina buy the other 50%.

I am wondering, will I get $250,000 for the player up front? Will I get it right after I agree to this? Or will I maybe get $500,000 for him later. (Or if I decide to bid very low and the other team wins the bid for him will I just get that money? ex. - if later I bid $18,000 because I don't really want him, and the other team bids $20,000, will I only get $20,000 for him, when I could have otherwise gotten $250,000 if I outright sold him?)

Another question I have, is this a good idea or a bit of a gamble? As it is, he isn't playing that well and he could improve, because he is still young.

Anyone else have experience with this 50% ownership stuff? Any advice or remarks would greatly be appreciated. For now, I'm just stalling this.
Yup, you'll get the 250.000 immediately, while the 500.000 is comparable to the loans with future fees, they might or might not offer it.

From what I've seen from co-ownerships, if the deal is for two years the other team will almost certainly delay the bidding the first year.

In the second year (or first in the case of a 1 year deal) I've noticed the other club will either offer 0 for him, if they don't want him, or just half (maybe slightly more) of his value if they want him.

So with his current value, you might have him after the two years for free or for less money then you receive in the first place.

And you receive the 250.000 at the moment the deal is concluded, and has nothing to do with the bidding.
Thanks a lot!

Now, another question I have is what would happen if I wanted to sell the player within that two year period? Can I sell them and split the money with the team that owns 50%??? Do they have to agree to the deal as well? I am guessing yes.

I guess what confuses me is that I don't understand why a team would front up $250,000 for a play they may or may not want later on. I guess they have the chance of getting them for cheap later on in case their value rapidly increases in that two years.
You can only sell your 50% if the buying club also agrees a deal to buy the 50% owned by the other club too.