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Sep 17, 2011
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Hey Everyone,

Sharing with all of you a tweaked tactic from our well known FM entusiastic KNAP, but turning it into a strikerless one. All seasons where played (not in holiday mode) and no signing in (Telford season was a loaded game from FM23).

Some golden rules:

Always sub yellow cards regardless (take you own risks)
1 player down / sent off = Sub IF (Su) right side
Allow tactic 'Familiarity' and 'Intensity' to be at it's maximum before early judgments
OI as per snip
Assistant Manager handles teamtalks
Training individual as role
(reload tactic after defining 'Set Pieces' and load as well short corner set pieces file)

In case you find a team where tactic doesn't mingle so well, let me know which tweaks have you performed to test them as well.

Try out if it works better for you with or without OI

Skin : FM22 Light Skin




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Your tactic isn't bad, but I can't catch any of the stats in your photos.
tactic looks great, most defiantly give it a try
how do you get the set piece routines working? downloaded Shorty.fmf but it doesn't appear in `Load routine` or `Load all routines` ?
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never mind, got it - had to go to Attack first, then Load routine