Apr 17, 2011
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I've got a promising Brazilian teenage striker in my reserves at the moment - quick, strong, good technique, has shown a penchant for tap-ins. According to his information screen he "could be the next Serginho Chulapa". No, me neither. He did get 20 caps for Brazil and play in the 1982 World Cup, but even so I have to ask if SI are being deliberately obscure with their comparisons sometimes. I have no idea if my lad is anything like this guy or not - YouTube doesn't give me much of a clue how the real one played.

Couple of questions I wanted to ask the forums:

1) Have you had a 'the next whoever' comparison which the player grew up to fulfill? My closest was when I had the next Jermaine Jenas in my academy (he was ****).

2) For those who've played really long saves going on for 30 years plus, have you ever had a 'the next whoever' compared to a regen?
1) yes a few times I too had the next jermaine jenas :(

2) yes again I have seen it
1) I have a talented left-back right now from my Arsenal youth academy who's been dubbed "The Next Ashley Cole"
As you can imagine, I'm feeling very mixed emotions about this...

2) And yes, I have seen that, from time to time.
I have this amazing prospect at city, he will be an absolute star in the future however I am not a bit skeptical about how good he will actually due to his comparison, maybe it's because i'm only 19 but I have never heard of him XD
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In retrospect, having researched this player I will be ecstatic if he turns out like him, turns out he won the world cup and a lot of other competitions

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I've had "the next emile heskey"....... i had to laugh. And promptly sold him.......