Aug 24, 2012
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Is Jackson Martinez the most underrated player on this years game? I have a large interest in Portuguese football and he is currently the best player in the league in my opinion ... He's scored 25 goals in 27 games this season which is better than falcao managed when at Porto. In game he usually averages about 6.5 and scores little goals! In reality he should be a beast in the game but SI definitely missed this one
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don't forget that 1st he does not play in England, or else he would be better than Torres and Giroud together (FM scouts rule!!), also its his 1st season in europe, 25 goals where not expected.

Maybe next season he will be a tiny little better, like James Rodriguez, Moutinho, Salvio, Gaitan (if he goes to any major club, his stats will boost, like Shaquiri).

Underrated league...
Yeah, but they should've picked up that he scored a record amount of goals In the Mexican league last year , also he is far superior to many of Europe's strikers and rumours is Russia are saying that anji are looking at him for €40 million... I hope he doesn't go there though as I love watching him for my second team Porto behind city!