May 11, 2009
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i am into fifth season. every season is the same, bad on and off patch of form during jan-feb period.

its resulted in my tream going out of fa cup and league cup many times.

i tried to rest my first 11, playing each of them only once every 2 games. But still i accumulate a lot of draws and loses. I dont think it is down to tactic, because i been using the same tactic for 5 seasons. During August - Dec, i am always on form, with 18 wins out of 20 in the league, but when it comes to jan-feb where fixtures are 4 days apart, my team start to crumble.

Condition wise, each of them starting is > 90%.

So i dont know why they lose so many games during this period.
Your team is at the lowest of their form then, it's highly unlikely (not impossible) that a team will be on top of their form all year round. On a smaller scale is during a game, as Aston Villa I always seem to concede the most at the beginning of the second half, always. This went on for three years in FM10, even though we had great success throughout the years we still conceded most between 45 and 60 minutes.

To combat this, there isn't really much you can do, but maybe test some different tactics then. If they're successful, then you've got a tactic to use then. If not, then you lose just the same as you would've with the current tactic.

That's all the advice I've got for ya unfortunately ;)
Probably change your tactic about at that time of year, it's when players start to get tired and feel the effects of continuous games, especially in leagues like the Championship, League 1 etc. Go a little more defensive in games and try and save energy and nick a 1-0 win etc, it'll pay off. Trust me. Did exactly the same with Derby and ended up finishing 3rd and won the play offs.
i get the same but its all down to the silly injury engine in the game.

ill go fine from august to december, then in 2 games ill have 5, 6 or 7 long term injuries for all my players across 2-4 positions. last season i had 3 right wingers injured for 4-5 weeks, then 2 ACM's for multiple weeks, 2 strikers for multiple weeks - all at the same time.

its as though the game has a set winner each season and if youre going on course for a respectable position it just ruins it all for a laugh.