January exit ruled out by Heinze

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Aug 23, 2006
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Man Utd defender Gabriel Heinze insists he wants to stay and fight for his place at Old Trafford

good, we should keep him, we've got the two best left-backs in the prem imo atm.

edit--apparently the story is according to the Daily Star so whether he has actually said anything at all might not be true!!
I hope he does stay as he is a very good player for us and would be a huge loss.
get rid of Silvestre and then Heizne can be used as cover in the centre
Silvestre has done well in the few games he has played this season. Probably because of his limited chances to actually make a fool of himself.
no, he hasn't. He was at fault for Reading's second, and he gave away the pen that Wigan scored against us. Although these weren't costly, he's done *****. He's better at Lb cos he's quick, but we don't need him there.
Keep Heinze get rid of Silvestre, just a waste of wages keeping Silvestre atm he doesn't even get on the bench most games does he?
depends, i think fergie might rotate the bench to keep them somewhat happy.