Aug 25, 2011
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Hello. I've only made a few posts on these forums, but I check up most days. I come today asking for some advice. No matter what team I play as, what formations I play, transfers I make I slump in January, right at the start. This has happened with these teams: Arsenal, Everton, Bayern Munich, Derby County, and a few others. It's an issue I just can't break out of. No matter what I do. And honestly, it's frustrating the **** out of me. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to break out of these awful slumps I get. It makes me rage like you couldn't imagine, seeing as whatever team I play, this happens and it costs me silverware. I'm clearly doing something wrong.

Another thing I've noticed, is I'm conceding ALOT Of late goals. 86-90+ minutes is the normality.
Things like this: I go from beating Tottenham, City, Milan, to this. And it's ALWAYS At January. Without question. FYI: In this particular instance, I'm Arsenal. I signed Lewondonski who flopped like you couldn't imagine, and that's about it.
Any advice is greatly ​appreciated on this. Thanks.

Additional note: I'm aware other managers will learn of your tactics, but I've tried oh, so many to try and counter this. Nothing seems to work.
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It sounds to me like your team are getting complacent, both during matches (Which is why you are conceding late goals) and during the season. Do you always try to "big-up" your team in press conferences, and always praise your players? Try putting pressure onto your team by praising other teams, saying it will be a close match, etc.
Erm, no that much generally only if a player plays badly for a while or is tired. Is that the issue?
Erm, no that much generally only if a player plays badly for a while or is tired. Is that the issue?

Its probably a mixture between the players being slightly complecent AND getting exhausted. I am not saying you need to use a full rotation system, switching half the team every game, but you do need to rest them every 4th game or so
always happens for me also. Although I usually choosing a BSS/N team and working my way up so guaranteed not to have enough players to rotate.