Feb 5, 2010
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I am uploading my tactic to share some of the success I've had with it and to see if any of you can add to it and make it even better.

Of course the new patch will be out within a month (we hope) and this will have to be updated to work as effectively when the time comes.

I am not going to start spouting wild claims like 'plays just like Barca' or 'unbeatable tactic'.

My tactic was created in 15 minutes using knowledge gained through hours of playing FM 2005 - Present. It has no corner cheat, but you will find that the default corner instructions that we set at the start seem to work very well. My DCR normally scores 7-10 goals a season from corners alone.

I do not plan to write an essay on every aspect of the tactic, you will have to trust me, and the screenshots to give you an idea as to what my tactic can do. However I will give a brief description on the main points:

GK - Not much to be said. Distribute to defender.

RB and LB: Defensive minded but able to move into forward positions thanks to your side being able to keep possession in the opposition half. This allows your full backs to move up without getting caught out of position if possession is lost.

CB's: Very defensive minded. One CB has a slightly more defensive mentality and less pressing set than the other. This means that one CB should press the forward with the ball while the other covers behind to mop up anything that beats the first CB.

CM's: The MCL and MCR are set to get forward while the MC is a box to box player allowing the link from defence to midfield.

STCL: Poacher. High attacking mentality to always be in the box sniffing for chances.

STC: Deep lying forward. The MAIN focal point of your side. This role see the player come deep to get onto the ball and bring in the 2 other strikers or the midfielders pushing on from deep. Will score for fun.

STCR: Advanced forward: To balance the role of poacher given to STCR.

You will find that your width comes from the STCL and STCR so good pace and dribbling help but are not a must due to the fact they take up clever positions in the first place and can deliver effective service from several areas on the pitch.

You will control possession, even away from home and create plenty of chances.

I do not give any pre game opposition instructions and for my pre match team talks I use 'Do this for the supporters' at the start if at home and 'Good luck' if away from home.

I have included screen shots so you can see the formation and the success it's generated for me as Liverpool boss. I managed to win the Premiership in my first season with this tactic and also retained it in my 2nd season, whilst being on course to challenge again in season 3.

Download. Test. Enjoy. Etc....