Apr 14, 2013
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Has anyone had any success in using the 'That was a real "Jekyll and Hyde" performance from you.' team talk?

My Manchester United team was destroying Newcastle at half-time, we were up 5-0 when the whistle went. I told them they were great and keep it up. Then the second half started, and Newcastle were very clearly the better team, getting in a host of chances and keeping the ball very well. My team, meanwhile, started tackling poorly, conceding needless free kicks and corners, and getting cards left, right and centre.

Although I ended the match 5-2, their second half performance was abject, and so I used that particular team talk. The players were confused instead of motivated.

And that's just one example. I've had many examples where the team does well in the first half, then puts in a half-assed shift in the second, and they get angry when I use that team talk.

So my question is, when does the Jekyll and Hyde team talk work?
Yes it does but only if a 5-0 becomes a 5-5 or a 2/3-0 becomes a 2-3 loss for example.

Big mistake to use it with UTD having beaten a pretty decent Newcastle 5-2 overall!
Same result when i was leading 4-0 at HT with Chelsea. Finished 4-3. I don't see why a player should be confused when criticized after the team is leading 4-0 and manages to finish 4-3.
I rarely use it, but last time I used it every response I got was positive. I won the game, if I remember correctly it was 3-0 at half-time and I won 3-2. Could also have been 4-0 to 4-3, not really sure.
May be it has to do with your team's reputation vis a vis the opposition?
The result was definitely a decent one but what I was unhappy about was the drop in performance in the second half that got Newcastle a way back into the game.

Anyway, that "Jekyll and Hyde" team talk option doesn't come up unless your team performs well in the first half and badly in the second, so if the game was programmed to know that your team played two different halves, then surely they must have programmed the AI to recognise its own drop in performance?

Unless the AI doesn't want to admit it :p in which case it clearly has low Professionalism and Temperament.