Jim Jefferies Sacked by Romanov ????!!!!!!


Nov 28, 2008
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Jefferies sacked by Hearts
Romanov wields the axe following poor run of results
Last Updated: August 1, 2011 4:20pm

Jefferies: Has been relieved of his duties following a poor run of results

Sky Sports sources understand that Hearts have sacked manager Jim Jefferies and assistant boss Billy Brown.

The SPL season is only two games old, but Sunday's defeat to Dundee United on Sunday meant the club have now failed to win a league game since 19th March - a 3-2 win over St Mirren.
Their 10-game winless run continued over the weekend after Jon Daly's first-half winner ensured the Tangerines claimed all the points from their Edinburgh trip.

Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov called an unexpected meeting with the club's players on Monday in the wake of their weekend result.

Eggert Jonsson and Ryan Stevenson were quizzed on the details of the meeting after leaving, however, neither were able to disclose anything that could verify the report.

It has been reported Jefferies turned down the chance to become director of football at Tynecastle having been told he would be relieved of managerial duties.

Jefferies and Brown originally took control of the club back in 1995 for five years - and they returned in January 2010 for a second spell in Edinburgh.

Since then, Jefferies has been in charge of 61 games - winning 25.

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Can't Believe this! If it's true then it's one of the dumbest things he has done because the team Jeffries built was a solid team looking very good to come closer to the OF.
yeah just turned on SSN and was shocked to see he was sacked if he wanted him gone why wait till August ?
Exactly, especially after the way he had the team playing against Rangers. John Sutton is one of the best signings of the SPL and same with Hamill and Taouil. The guy really is an Idiot and I can't see hearts going anywhere until they get rid of him.
Bad bad bad decision, he had Hearts playin really well then the genius Romanov steps in
Amount of exclamation marks in the title gives me the impression it was a bad decision, that's all I know on the matter.... :p
Romanov is the same guy that has loaned Craig Thomson, the *** offender, to the other club he owns in Lithuania, just to get him back in football
Lol yeah went a bit OTT with the exclamation marks, Romanov is basically the SPL Owner Version of Mike Ashley ? Except probably worse.

Between sacking managers, Keeping Thomson in football & Telling managers which players to play and bring in to the club.
Rumour is Lokomotiv Moscow manager is coming in!
How is this guy allowed to be in charge of a club? I know Ashley can be questionable with some of his decisions, but at least he's got some sort of stability at the club, at least financially. This guy is just a stain of questionable origion on Scottish Football.
Well I’ve had a **** day today. Horrible day at work, which ended with a shouting match between the boss and I. H&M delivered the wrong ******* stuff & a week late, some **** on my street has stolen my space & now this ****!

Can’t really say I’m shocked though, it’s been going on since 2005. Romanov is a grade A ****. He really has no clue about football and should just stay out of club affairs.

That’s the way it started, he claimed he was going to take on the debt, allow us to stay at Tynecastle & promised to invest money into the club. I remember reading the Daily Record (LOL) who claimed Joey Barton (then of City) would be signing for 5m! Yeah right!

He sacked club legend John Robertson but I could understand that, new chairman planning to bring in his own, experienced man to challenge the old firm, as promised. He signed George Burley & optimism spread. European Championship winner Takis Fyssas & Rudi Skacel :wub: but after 11 games, while top of the league, Burley was sacked. Romanov claimed it was for Burley’s refusal to attend alcoholic seminars but word on the street is that it was because he refused to play our two Lithuanian wingers
Davidas Cesnauskis & Salious Mikoliunas. Both were lazy basterds and didn’t merit a place in the squad.

Things have just gone from bad to worse since then. Although we did split the old firm & win the cup in his reign, Our debts remain the same as they were in 05, so where did the money from player sales such as Craig Gordon (9m) & Roman Bednar (3m) go?

I stopped going to games about four years ago. I’d planned on getting a season ticket this season but it’s the same old ****. If he really does claim to have our interests at heart then he best appoint a big name & invest some cash to actually challenge the Glasgow sides. We have a big fan base and are from the nation’s capital, it can be done.

The worrying thing is, without him, we’d be up the *******.
Romanov lost Hearts on Jefferies ;. . asdsdadsads
Wow. Romanov is just a disgrace of a human being. It's almost as if he is trying to keep Hearts fans away! Seriously, Hearts have a very good squad, Jefferies has been fantastic, but no, he has to rip the heart of the one club capable of challenging us and Rangers in the country. *****.
I personally would be happy if Jeffries was Manager of Rangers, I rate him that highly and I'm surprised and not surprised he's been sacked. As mentioned by Kris George Burley is the example that no-one's job is safe whilst he's in charge. He has saved the club and done alot but he has also done a poor job at the same time. I don't even think boycotting and protesting would make him leave the club so it would be pointless even considering that. I feel sorry for you Kris and the rest of the hearts fan's because I'd be extremely ****** especially after the team he has built.
Would you be pleased with him? Not too shabby record but always cautious of guys who have never worked in this country...

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To be honest, i'm losing all interest. How long before he gets the sack too? He may however, have some swish contacts in Portugal and play good football. Every cloud and all that.