Dec 1, 2011
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Hello, I'm managing Vitesse, at the beginning of the 5th season. Last patch.

In May 2016 Monaco offered me the job but I refused, then the week later they did me the same proposal again. and I refused again, a bit dazed.
Now they are offering me that **** bench TWICE A WEEK, every single ****** week without exception...I'm sick of clicking that **** button. It's not the end of the world, but I was wondering if someone else has experienced this issue (perhaps eventually solving it).

Please don't answer "accept the job" or things like that.
Cheers :)
they seem quite adamant on getting you lol

never seen it before though :)
Yea lol, I'm halfway through August and I think I've received approximately 20-25 job offers from them. They will probably relegate without a manager for the whole season.
Create a new manager and put him in charge of Monaco, then retire?
Strangely enogh, after about 40 refuses they suddendly stopped sending me offers. However, they still haven't hired anyone, currently lying at the bottom of Ligue1 with five points in ten games. They have got players (all of them monstrously overrated in terms of wages) such as Lazar Markovic, Pedro Obiang, Nacer Barazite and Vaclav Kadlec.

I am not sorry for them lol.