Feb 6, 2010
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Name: John Guidetti
Club: Al Jazeera
D.O.B: 15/4/1992
Position: Striker
Strengths: Finishing, Composure,Strength,Pace, Acceleration, Determination
Weaknesses:Concentration,Flair, Jumping
Description: Striker
Personality: Ambitous

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Doing outstanding for my Saints team, him and Leigh Griffiths have been formidable up front together. Anyone else had any success with him ? :)
Nope, but I'm guessing Raikan found this guy, he probably knows :)
He is from Man City, and not from Al Jazeera.
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He had a little spell at Burnley on a month loan, he's decent not sure how well he'll turn out though Not sure about him on FM though TBH.
Played against us when we went to Burnley, has got pace to burn, quality player for league one teams on FM.
Used to always sign him on FM2010, I liked how he played for me. He's pretty good, but I always assumed he'd be pretty well known since he plays at City... First time I found him, was in Championship Manager 2008.
He's banging them in on my Leicester season. This is in 2014 and my scouts rate him as a potential key player for my team. I'm in the PL by the way.