Jan 25, 2013
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2013 Season - Rosenborg Ballklub

Having started and failed many saves over the last few weeks and seeing lots of stories that to me seem a little.... unrealistic to say the least, i have decided to start with Norwegian Giants Rosenborg Ballklub. In most of the saves that i have played ive often raided RBK for their young talent and look forward to overthrowing Molde, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the top of the Premier League.

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Rosenborg will provide a sound first step on the road to managerial dominance that will hopefully see me visit all corners of the globe and transform the fortunes of numerous clubs in different scenarios. To keep it interesting every new job i get i will set out aims, once the aims are achieved then i can move onto the next job.

Rosenborg Ballklub Aims

- Win the league
- Win Norwegian Cup
- Reach The Champions League Group Stage
- Enhance the clubs youth system

Once the aims are achieved they will show up in green, the aims will obviously differ depending on the club and the situation thay are in when i take over. Feedback is welcome as it will help to mould the story.
Will definitely be following seeing as Rosenborg are my favourite Scandinavian club due to me having a pendant from them as a gift from my father.