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Jan 20, 2010
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I had just said to Drogba that he could become a good manager in the future and he was really pleased so I thought of saying it to Terry also except couch instead of manager.

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Now he has a poor opinion on me, obviously I didnt want him to start right away he is only 31 and one of the best defenders in the game. I think this is a flaw in the game, right?
Even if you want him to start right away, he wont retire right away. He will gain his staff attributes along with his player stats. He will keep playing for you so thats not a flaw of the game.
But it would be great if someone can explain how this system exactly works since I had hard time to sign another player of my own as player/coach, even if he signs, he didnt become one of my coaches, he stayed as player only...
he just plays on as a player/coach. it doesn't affect his performances etc. I had james beattie playing for two seasons as a player/youth coach.