Jan 19, 2011
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Hey guys just need tips...

John Terry was injured.So i replace him with Bruma and let Lampard take the captain responsibility.After the match, he told he frust coz hes not being captain but hes injured n cannot play.Then he want to leave.I try give him the captaincy but i cant.Im okay if he wanted to leave as Phil Jones now on my radar but another problem is Lampard think I threat him unfair.I dont want lose Lampard... Now I think will got sack as Chelsea on 10th now.How I increase players morale especially John Terry?
How can you be in 10th with Chelsea?
I've never managed them but they're supposed to be really easy.
Lol, you dont wanna let terry leave, he has insane stats, Just when he hands in transfer requests, say no it will allow you to talk to him,
Also i dont get why did you give Lampard the captain ? he is the reserve captain and will get it when terry is not playing?
If you're 10th i would suggest a new tactic :)
There was no reason to remove Terry as Captain as when the allocated captains doesnt play then the captaincy automatically passes on to the next in line. Changing captains tends to annoy them even whe injured or asked to leave
Also the reason that Lampard is unhappy is because Terry and Lampard are linked together very closely in the game. If you praise or get onto either of them you can count on the other ones morale going up or down also. If you want to get back on Terrys good side, start with Lampard. Then maybe Terry will come around some.

And what the other guys said, if your captain is injured dont take away his captaincy. The vice captain will take over and if he is unable to play then the game will pick another suitable captain for that game (usually Essian for Chelsea) Its worked out fine for me that way.
Maybe he slept with Lampard's wife?

In all seriousness. You really need a new tactic. Even with poor morale and Terry out, in FM Chelsea can still destroy. They have great players on their team.
Morale, I'm not so sure about how to fix.
I try.Now all players morale beome ****.... Im now fed up then just restart the game....

Now u see, Chelsea become amazing!!! We trashing Man Utd 4-1 and now leading EPl with no lose just 1 draw...
Well this whole thread has been melodramatic mumbo jumbo. :p
Bring in Venessa in your squad lol!! :p

Jokes apart,you should try give him new contract( i sometimes do if when my players unhappy if possible).

Ask him to recommend a player or staff and sign him!! ;)
TBH, sounds like you're screwed. If a player is refusing to talk to you there's nothing you can do but put him in reserves, but then everyone else will hate you due to his influence. As said above, you don't need to change captain in a situation like that; that's why you have a vice captain (and 3rd, 4th choices)