Nov 6, 2009
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I will begin by introducing myself, my name is Mr Lorenzo Pierre

Join my game Eng Prem top 10


  1. you must be dedicated and commited
  2. wealth of experience in the game a must to ensure game runs smoothly
  3. hard to monitor but really i would expect you to always use your own created tactic and not one that is the product of someone elses own hard work
  4. no poaching other gamers staff (just keeps morale higher)
  5. stable high speed internet connection a must
  6. the times the game will run from will be specified in advance so if you feel you cant regularly make the session then this particular net game is not for you
  7. maintain concentration throughought gaming sessions as slowing down the flow of the game regularly through lack of focus irritates the group and ends up with poor morale and destroys game
  8. on a lightr note lets have some friendly banter
  9. be pleasent to other users
  10. most importantly no ********
Game details
English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish leagues loaded and that leavs my computer running at 4 star speed performance no problem with large database!
I am hoping i will find a group of people that will either want to start

Game opening press conference meet and greet: Friday 25 November 22:00 pm
Game start date: Monday 25th November
game scheduled times: Monday Till Sunday

Closing statement

so if you feel this network game is for you answer the poll, drop a comment with your name, steam name, age, Skype name