Joining the board


Mar 30, 2013
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After winning the premiership and FA cup with a team in the year 2038, i got a message saying i could join the board which means i could stay on for as long as i wanted.. does that mean i can go on past the 30 year play? or is it just a fun little message to make me feel ever so slightly lamer than i already do as im in 2038 haha?
I don't really know, do you have a screenshot of this?
Who told you there was a 30 year limit? You play until the game eventually gives up.. Could be foreverrrr!

Never heard of you being able to join the board though? Could be an April fools? Could be something I've never experienced because I've never got that far :p
haha its on handheld.. nahh you still have he 30year limit. its just for fun
You can only play 30 years no matter what, but this means you and 'join the board' and basically avoid sacking (so you only leave the club when you resign or move). It's an unlockable, check this out if you want to find out more.
10 seasons at the same team and you should unlock the 'avoid sacking' feature
Agree wiyh Spike above.

Once you get this message, the game's basically telling you that you now can't be sacked.