JoneseyMate's Premier League (PS3)


Oct 20, 2010
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After reading other threads on tournaments and seeing some be quite successful, but others failing quite miserably, ive decided to give it a go myself. As the title explains, it will be a premier league tournament on the ps3. This means you can only pick teams currently in that league. If you can think of anymore rules that could be added below, please feel free to comment on the forum or let me know through mail


1. Current Premier League teams only

2. Game times will be 6 minutes each way

3. Everyone will play each other twice ( League )

4. If you win the league, you win bragging rights insted of prize money :p

5. Finish bottom and your eliminated from the next season

6. Minimum of 10 teams needed to start

7. Game rounds will start within a day of the last round finishing

8. Maximum of 1 week per round

9. Times and dates for playing each other will be sorted out on this forum, if one of you doesn't turn up, its an automatic 3-0 loss. if neither of you sort out your time/date, it will be a 0-0 draw.

10. 3 failure to attends results in elimination from the current and next season.

11. Let me know the scorers for both yours and your opponents team if you can remember them as there will be a top goalscorer aswell.

12. Dependant on the success, there might also be a League Cup halfway through the season which will involve some of the waiting list, but as I said this is depentant not definate.

Name : PSN ID : Team Wanted : MSN ( optional )

A ... Michael (jonesey) - JoneseyMate - Manchester United - [email protected]
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if nobody ius intrested before 03/01/12 then it would be appreciated if a mod could delete the post, thanks :)