Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto - 'Lutador'


Jan 25, 2013
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Having just finished a successful player story (which im glad to say had some great feedback and comments), im going to start a new one, hopefully with a few improvements on my first attempt that will keep a few of you more interested.

The rules will still stay the same regarding not being allowed to manage the player as i feel it would be biased towards the player, but i will be making this one a little more personal so that the reader hopefully will feel closer to the player than before. This time the player will have dual nationality so there may be a fight for his services, and there will be a greater background for the player.

Let me know what you think guys, any input is appreciated....
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Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto
'O Lutador'

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The conveyer belt of talent coming from Brazil these days is at an all time high, producing greats like Neymar, Ganso and Lucas Moura to name but a few over the last few years. Well now there is a new exciting talent about to hit the leagues of Brazil in the shape of internet sensation Jorge Alberto. The 15 year old from Sao Paulo's skills for local team Nova Iguacu have racked up over 10,000,000 hits on the popular networking website YouTube and teams around the lower divisions of Brazil are looking to sign the boy dubbed 'O Lutador'.

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Look forward to this, personally feel that the stats are more realistic in this story, just my opinion though. :)
Lutador means? Can't wait to see who snaps up this exciting talent. Great work, well done.
Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto

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Born on the 6th September 1997, Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto was the product of a forbidden love between a Brazilian father and Mexican Mother. Jorge's father 'Enriquez Alberto' met his mother 'Gabriella Lopez' when a 15 year old Gabriella came to work on the Alberto families farm just outside Sao Paulo in a small village called Nova Iguacu. The romance that ensued was filled with secrecy and betrayal and when Gabriella fell pregnant at the age of just 16 the pair were forced to flee to her native Mexico.

When Jorge was born the family were in a small town named Toluca in the Mexico state, the birth, like their relationship was not without its difficulties. Gabriella was in labour for thirty-two hours before little Jorge made his grand appearance, as he took his first breathe his mother took her last. Enriquez returned to Sao Paulo after the death of Gabriella both emotionally and financially bankrupt and was forced to give up the young child, Jorge was taken into the care of The State of Sao Paulo on the 25th September 1997.

Jorge spent the next 10 years of his life in and out of foster homes and half way houses before his father won the right to custody for him in 2007, after long periods of drug and alcohol abuse Enriquez finally was on the straight and narrow and reunited with his son, who by this time had begun to rebel himself. With the possibility of his son going off the rails Enriquez decided to give him something to channel his energy into, Nova Iguacu FC were their local team and so Jorge joined the team in December 2007.

With things finally looking settled for the young Latino, faite dealt its cruelest blow yet. After years of struggles with gambling and addiction Enriquez Alberto became the victim of a gang assault intended to scare money out of him, after 3 months in a coma the 31 year old lost his fight for life and young Jorge lost his only remaining parent at the age of 14. On the 25th August 2012 Jorge Enriquez-Scass Nim Lopez Alberto became an orphan of the state, with fears that the young boy would lose his way in life Nova Iguacu Coach Pedro Garcia released a video of Jorge online that had 10,000,000 hits in the first month.

Now there is real interest from clubs in the lower Brazilian leagues and any hope of a future for the lad hangs in the balance...
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'O Lutador'

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When Jorge Alberto was signed upto his local Football team by his father in December 2007, it was immediately evident to everybody that he was special. What the boy lacked in skill and knowledge of football he more than made up for in commitment and technique. From the moment Jorge picked up a ball he became a different person, in his home life he was weak and feeble, affected by the tough life thrust upon him during his first 10 years of life. But with a ball at his feet he was fearless, affraid of nobody no matter their size or reputation. It was here where 'O Lutador' was born.

'O Lutador' or 'The Figher' was a nickname given to Jorge by his teamates at Nova in his first season with the club and it became a name he adopted upon the death of his father in 2012. As Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto he couldnt hide the pain and suffering he had endured ad a child, but as 'O Lutador' he was a new man, a person capable of great things. Jorge the boy had been forgotten, his pain and memories pushed aside, from the pain rose a fighter, the fighter.......... 'O Lutador'.
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Fading Dreams

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After months of failed trials and games behind closed doors, young Brazilian Jorge Alberto would be forgiven for losing faith that he will ever make it. Despite interest in the free agent from numerous lower division Brazilian sides he hasnt been able to impress any enough to show some faith in the troubled teen.

The popular concensus is that the lad is lacking in fundamental knowledge of football and his technique alone isnt enough to see him through. The 15 year olds troubled past is expressed in his football, his dogged work ethic, fearlessness and love for a firey challenge isnt a style the brazilian leagues are used to. It seems that for this reason the chances of a professional career for this young man are fading away.
Will follow with interest :) Loved your John Price story. I love the fact this has a back story to it though. Will make it more interesting.

You know with hispanic naming he would be called Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto because they take both surnames.
Anyway following this one!
You know with hispanic naming he would be called Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto because they take both surnames.
Anyway following this one!
That would be some name!!

Great start anyway Pricey, loved your last player story
You know with hispanic naming he would be called Jorge Enriquez-Scassa Nim Lopez Alberto because they take both surnames.
Anyway following this one!

Amendments have been made, anything to make it as authentic as possible mate!
In The Name Of The Mother

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Things are finally looking up for Young Latino Jorge laberto AKA 'Lutador'. After months of unsuccessful trials the youngster dubbed 'the Fighter' by his local team Nova Iguacu signed for their senior team in an attempt to interest teams from higher leagues. The move clearly worked as second division outfit Palmeiras have declared their interest and the transfer from local league team Nova to the one time Brazilian giants Palmeiras has been confirmed for the 24th of January 2013.

The interest has come along side Mexico's interest in ensuring the player is declared for their country. The 15 year old has been involved in four of their last under 20 friendlies, the Brazilian citizen is said to be ecstatic at the fact he can pay heritage to his mother by representing the country of her birth.
Hey mate, loved the 'John Price' story. Started a similar save with a twist, as i put him in the Man Utd academy. Was looking forward to this, but no updates for a week. Is this still going?