Jan 25, 2011
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Hey, Could people please suggest a Team I could take to the Prem.
Also could you post transfers for said team.
And how long ( in the real world ) it will take me to do it!

Many Thanks.
Oops xD Any help with the other questions?
Im leaning towards: Leeds,Southampton,Doncaster,Leicester...
And any ideas on the time it will take?
All 1-2-3 seasons :) if you buy the right players and choose correct tactic
Lol I ended up choosing Walsall, any ideas on transfers and tactics for them?
Most recent official I think...
is it 11.2.1
Try Brandy as Ronaldinoo said... Maybe Loan JET or someone like that.
At the moment Ive got in...
Nigel Quashie,Brandy,Alex Nimely and waiting for a reply on Arsenal's Havard Nordtveit
Good signings... Have a look at man Utd's Robbie Brady or Davide Pettruci
Will do! I have a dilemma at the moment as Coventry ( I think ) have put in an 85k bid for Matty Smith my young talented CB and Im not sure if to accept or not...
Any Suggestions for a RM for Walsall?

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Cant seem to find him.. I only have England loaded though.