May 30, 2009
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Badalona Manager Steps Down

Many fans of C.F. Badalona have been surprised today to find out that there Manager, Robert Hay has resigned. Hay, 26, had been at the club for just over a year and had led the team to the playoffs of the Spanish Second Division B and was just 2 points shy of the title. When asked why he had left, Hay responded "I have enjoyed the year at the club, but I feel that it was time to leave and start fresh in a new club in the near future."

Badalona will now be searching for a new manager, with the favourite to get the job being 49 year old Robert Fernandez Bonillo

Hay has stated that he wants to get back into management as soon as possible, but only if he feels it is the right team for him.

C.F. Badalona's league performance under manager Robert Hay

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Where will he go?

26 year old Manager Robert Hay, has been in the sights of many teams in the last week or so and many have been questioning where he will be going to. Teams interested in the Canadian Manager include Serie C2/A team Chioggia, Portuguese 2nd Division South team Ribeira Brava, Portuguese 2nd Division Central side Odivelas, Blue Square North Side Bradford PA and surprisingly, his former team Badalona. It is unclear which team he will choose but it is sure to be an interesting week for the Young Manager.

Hay heading to Chioggia?

Reports have surfaced that unemployed Manager Robert Hay is on his way to Serie C2/A team Chioggia Sottomarina. It is believed that the club is looking to close the deal within the next couple of days

Chioggia Announce new Manager

Chioggia Sottomarina have unveiled today there new manager to be 26 year old Canadian Robert Hay. Hay has stated that he is excited to have a chance to work at the club and will be doing everything he can to succeed at the club.

A Short Background of the club: