May 30, 2011
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Journeyman Promotion Challenge
A Neil Warnock Special

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Right my aim for this thread is to try and beat Neil Warnocks Promotion record of 7 promotions, i will be doing this with a set of rules in place.

I will holiday the first season and try and take charge of a recently relegated Prem Team

If i win promotion from the league i am in i have to resign or take a different job

Even if i dont win promotion i cant stay at a team for longer than 3 seasons.

I have England, France, Spain, Italy and Germany third tiers loaded so manager could travel across Europe to beat record.

Let me Know what you guys think of this challenge?

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Tonkin Appointed Recently Relegated Sunderland Manager

After having a terrible season in the Premier League Sunderland ended up getting relegated in 20th place winning a mere 4 games in the process, they ended up being 9 points from safety despite not selling any key players in the transfer windows.

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My first aim is trying to calm the ship and keep the likes of Adam Johnson, Steven Fletcher and Simon Mignolet from leaving the club in the summer.

Transfer post will be up soon

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July 2013 Transfers

Season Expectations

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Not a lot of money there so if i want to bring anyone im going to have to sell first.

Npower Championship Odds

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Contract Changes

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Thanks to all the relegation clauses in the contracts i wont have to sell many players as they will all be on a lot less this season.

Also thought i would point out that former Barca Leg end Phillipe Christanval is one of my scouts!!!

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Transfer History

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First off all the players who left were moaning a lot! Sessy the Sissy was moaning all the time and £10million had me driving him to the airport!!!
The only incoming you need to worry about is Goalscoring Phenom Charlie Austin who was offered to me after being transfer listed by request, he will be key to our promotion hunt this season.

Finally because Macheda only played 1 out of the first 4 games he wanted his loan terminated!!!

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You really keep getting this brilliant ideas mate.......Another fantastic concept, I will be following
doing a similar thing myself with more fluid rules, dominated austria with salzburg and took the montpellier job after they got relegated. just won ligue 2 and am now going to establish them back in ligue 1 before i move to another nation and raise another fallen giant