Mar 29, 2009
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Recently brought a transfer listed Jozy Altidore, did really well in pre-season, but now just wont perform in the league. Just wondering what position does he best perform at and if any one can help!
Oh hes got strength pace acceleration ect so could try Advance or Complete Forward :D
I was born in the same hospital as him and fondly remember seeing him (17 yrs old) whooping *** all over the place at the old Giants Stadium for the NY Redbull before going to Villareal.

"Oh Jozy you, you got what we nee-eed! Just score for us again! Just score one more again!"
yeah! St. Barnabas Hospital, Livingston, New Jersey, USA.
have him on my liverpool save :) first season i played him as an c.forward got like 18 goals so hes not to bad
In my FM10 Sporting Lisbon save I played him as the lone forward up top in a Christmas tree formation and target striker support. He got a goal a game and had a rating of like 7.6. After a few years I sold him to Lyon and he did just as well there, not sure what their formation was. In real life he's not much a goal scorer, he draws lots of fouls (and penalties), distracts defenders, and sets up other players. Other than his strength he's not good for much else, unfortunately (I think he's a lot slower than most people think).
Put him as advanced forward attack. He's been sensational for me so far.
Haven't played with or against Altidore on 2011 yet, but on 2010 he sorta drifted between roles, from Poacher to Advanced Forward, some games he'd do brilliantly, then others he would do horribly. As a poacher, in one game he'd score two goals, so I'd keep him as poacher (back when I was trying to work out a place for him, and back when I had no idea about individual stats affecting roles), then he'd do absolute rubbish in the next game. So I changed him to Advanced Forward, same thing happened, so I just either left him as whatever he was subbed in for (Poacher mostly) or if he started off, Advanced Forward.