JP Woody's High Scoring Or Koflok's Goal Galore

JP WOODY'S HIGH SCORING Or Koflok's Goal Galore

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Jan 21, 2011
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Just wondering what you guys think on those two tactics. I prefer Koflok's and JP Woodys never seems to work for me.
(Please don't fill up this thread with 'I make my own' because that wasn't what I asked and I don't really care if you do.)
havent used kofloks but i used jp's last season i think it was his or mr hough not sure & it was a fantastic tacctic made it too easy tho & got a bit boring
i have downloaded jps there not used it yet as i have been using my own with celtic but its not winning me anything with barca so im think of trying jp's with them to see if it can help me finsih the season on a high
JP Woody's High Scoring is the best tactic I have ever used in Football Manager.
I currently use JP's and i've raped everything with Tottenham, but it sometimes ****** me off with the amount of goals it lets in. Never tried the other, might look into it.
I'm a Goals Galore kinda guy, but not the new one with the wing backs (ewww wing backs), the classic with the full backs, always worked best for me.
im still using the 1st patch no point in using a new as the latest is due out soon i did notice that he is using a newer patch tho so im no saying it doesnt work just thought id share what happend with my 1st game :D
They're both very, very good tactics, 'Goal Galore' I think has been downloaded more (Due to the name I think) and probably does get you more goals, but JP's tactic does get you goals and also gets you clean sheets..

I do have experience with both tactics as well, I've tested both and 'Goals Galore' only really seems to work with 'top' teams, JP's tactic will pretty much work and get you decent results with most teams.

JP's > Kofloks

used jp's for the 1st time got humped by fenerbache 4-1 :O

Don't judge a tactic on one game.

Use it for a full season and I bet you'd win 95% of your games.
never judged it on 1 game m8 i just sayd i was trying for the 1st time & thought i would share what happend & i would have posted if i had won as well
i prefer JP Woodys mate, they are both good tactics but i prefer another striker to a DM :) ive also found, as someone said earlier, that kofloks tactic is only really good if you are the better team, JP's i find gives much more of a chance if you are LLM-ing or the underdog, as well as being good if you are the big team :)
Haven't personally tried either, but from what I've witnessed on the site, Goals Galore is a more Elite club tactic rather than mid-low table.

Also, shouldn't you add a poll?
Kofloks Goals Galore has been amazing for me. Brought me titles galore with Newcastle in Premiership and then dominated Europe with Barca.
Tried Koflok's for 1 season with tweaked instructions and won the premier league,haven't tried JP's

However I am wondering, JP's tactic had almost no tweaked instructions at all, almost all of the things were default but people have got amazing results from it. I'm really curious!
As i stated on Kofloks thread, my tweaked version got me 166 goals in the league, never got close to that with any other tactic but yeah i guess its an elite club tactic.