Oct 9, 2010
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Name: Julián Velázquez
Club: Independiente
D.O.B: 23/10/1990
Nationality: Argentine

Position: Defender
Agent: Cristian Sosa

Marking, Tackling, Pace, Acceleration, Balance

Aggression, off the ball, composure

Description: Center Back
Personality: Balanced

Suggested Roles:

Central Defender
- Defend/Cover/Support

Screenshots: see attachments

I'm shocked no one else has posted him (unless the search feature is messed up on my computer or something). Had a great Copa Sudamericana for Independiente and is very reliable for being so young. He's already as good as Matheu IMO (Mohamed preferred to play Velazquez in all of the Sudamericana games; you could argue that he wanted Matheu for the league games where we were struggling but I think he wanted his best players in the Copa). I was afraid they would have underrated him in the game but he is great. All of my coaches think he is 4.5 star potential. Definitely check him out, just as good as Galeano for sure.
Reasonably good find, he could be good, but I think he will need a bigger club for him to develop the best
He looks pretty good but he might be a bit small for a great cb. Also is bravery is poor for a cb.
looks good for a semisized top club. checked him in my 2015+ saves and looks pretty good.
I had signed him for my Aston Villa save. He is having problems settling so his performances have been great. He looks like a good player for the future.