Mar 18, 2013
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why can i never get my players jumping to improve?
Physical stats are harder to improve than mental and technical stats, and suck up more PA than the other two groups too.
yeah but never all other physical stats go up if anything jumping goes down
These are just a few basically every centre back centre forward and defensive cwentre midfield are the same, the ones you'd need with good jumping
how tall are these players? If a player is less than 5'11 he usually is very poor at jumping. I know Carlos Fierro is like 5'6 or something so he will never have a high jumping stat, in addition most of these players are quick which makes me think they're all really small. What are their heights? I had a 6'4 CD who went from 15 to 20 in jumping as he got older on a old save.
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That'll probably do it. I think of jumping as how high a players head gets when he jumps, so i think its really based on their natural height and maybe, in addition, their natural fitness and strength. If a player is smaller than 6 feet tall he really won't be able to challenge for headers that effectively. Sure these players will get on headers well enough if they're open and have a good heading stat, just don't expect them to help out too much on set pieces or floated crosses.
Not all players have the potential to have high jumping, because of their height. Even those with the most springy of leaps, such as Patrice Evra, still have a really low value for jumping