Jun 19, 2010
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Philosophy -More fluid philosophy means you will be asking your attacking players to do more then their roles and duties suggest. Very fluid means you will be asking your whole team that. If your attacking players have high flair, you can go with fluid. If your whole team has high flair, go with very fluid.

Creative Freedom - The more creativity you give to your players, the more unpredictable they become. If you have a highly creative team, you can use more expressive creative freedom to help unlock defences, but in most cases it should be set to as low as possible (but not zero) for most of the team, except that one player, that is supposed to unlock opponent's defence, usually in AMC position, sometimes a trequarista. Bear in mind that more rigid philosophy sets lower creativity aswell.

Roaming - That player that needs to be unpredictable, should have roaming on. That allows him to leave his position. Roaming will make him much harder to guard for opposition defence, and will make them wonder where will the next attack come from. No more than two players should be given roaming, and those two players should be with attack duty and have at least two players behind them with a support or defense duty. It is generally best to combine more roaming with more expressive creative freedom or stick to position with more disciplined creative freedom.

Possesion football - Possession can be played in more then one way, but usually it is connected with short passing. For short passing to be effective, you need to play wide. The quicker tempo you use, the better players you will need. Quicker tempo means quick movement of the ball that can lead to great possession, as opposition wont be able to close you down, but you will need players with higher decisions attribute. Slower tempo and more time waisting is therefore preferable with weaker teams. That can also lead to more possession, but also means better teams will probably close you down. Therefore, you can play possession football with any strategy, just make sure the tempo matches your teams decision making.

Counter attacking football - Counter attacking means your team will commit more players to attack and increase tempo regardless of your instructions, when counter is on. When counter isn't on, you will play according to your instructions. Therefore, you can combine possession football and counter attacking football. You can play counter attack with any strategy by ticking the checkbox, but it is recommended you only use it against attacking teams as their high defensive line will open space for your counter. Zonal marking is recommended, as the increase in tempo when counter is would tire out your players if man marking was used.

Defending - You should use man marking only if you are playing with slow tempo and not counter attacking. For all else, you should use zonal. If you are playing with narrow width, at least one stopper duty is necessary for your CB, as you will probably concede most from crosses, so stopper should be there to head the ball away. Also, if playing narrow, a DM position would be preferable in your formation, as that player will force the opposition to flanks. And if opposition is going to flanks, your fullbacks will need to have a more defensive role and duty. If you are using only one DM player, he should have composure, so a deep lying playmaker with defend duty is preferable. If you are playing wide, you can assign a more attacking role and duty to you fullbacks and you should use offside trap, which means two CB's with defend duties. A DM player in this system is optional.

Attacking - You should spread your opponent, both vertically and horizontaly. That is achieved by using playmakers in the centre of the pitch, and inside forwards and wingers on the flanks. Usually, the left flank is an inside forward, and the right one is a winger, and that system offers great attacking variety. By using an inside forward, you have a player that will go diagonally toward goal (cut inside) and dribble his way there, while by using a winger, you make the opposition fullback move away from the defenders in the middle and open space, or if he doesn't move, you can cross the ball. You can also use two players that cut inside (adv. play. or inside forward) but in that case, you should make sure you have wing backs or fullbacks with attacking duty to give your team width in attack

Chosing your striker role - Read the description, look at the primary attributes and instructions. If you chose a player that has hold up ball on, then make sure you have at least two midfielders/flanks with run from deep often for him to distrubute the ball to. If you are using a single striker, he will need strength to fend of defenders and he will need to be in good condition before the match. Check the primary attribute for each duty. For example, a deep lying forward has hold up ball, which means he would be best accompanied with an attacking winger/inside forward, and possibly a CM Attack or box to box from midfiled. On support, his primary attribute is strength, while on attack it's balance, so if he is a single striker in your formation, he should be on support. If you choose attack duty for your striker, and you have no striker with support duty, you shouldn't use a adv. plamaker in the centre midfield or you will isolate your attack.

Player roles - Check primary attributes of your players. If your attacking players have creativity and passing as primary attribute, perhaps increase their through balls. However, only increase their through balls, if they have a player to pass the ball to who runs from deep mixed or often. If your players have dribbling as a primary attribute, you should perhaps use run at defence shout, or if they don't, play through defence. If they have longshots as a primary attribute it would be wrong to use work ball into box shout. Think who you want to create attacks, who you want to act as passer or a linking player, and who you want to score. The scorer s should have finishing as a primary attribute, the creators should have through balls, creativity and passing, and the linking players should have work rate as a primary attribute.
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Cheers, appreciate this. Read this and got a few ideas!
Some very useful tips there man!!

I implemented a few into my Liverpool saving and had some great results.

Good job, :$
added some stuff, and changed some bits of text
"Philosophy - If you have a team with high flair, choose a more fluid philosophy. If not, go rigid."

I'd base this on what roles I was using in my team. If I was going for more specialised roles, rigid is the way to go.
"Philosophy - If you have a team with high flair, choose a more fluid philosophy. If not, go rigid."

I'd base this on what roles I was using in my team. If I was going for more specialised roles, rigid is the way to go.

More fluid philosophy means that you play as a team and contribute equally to both defending and attacking, specifically, five players attacking and five defending in fluid, and all players doing everything in very fluid. Therefore, only top players can pull that off. Rigid would suit a less gifted side. And usually, top players have high flair.
I'm fully disagree with the philosophy one. It doesn't depend on the player quality, but it depends on player roles instead. More specialist roles (treq,playmakers, anchorman etc) require more rigid philosophy so they'll stick to their job, and more generic roles (central mid, attacking mid, defensive mid etc) require more fluid philosophy . So even a weak team but with generic roles should go fluid/very fluid. Check the SI forum for more info.
What do you think about offside trap?

I think you could use offside trap if your CB's have a good mutual understanding. Don't use it if you are using the stopper/cover combo. It's most effective when pushing up the defensive line.
I play a 4-1-4-1 which is working well but I'm not sure on the defensive line? ( About whether it should push up or not and how wide it should be.)
Cheers :)
well i understand yo points but tlking about ball possession, you may need a slow tempo with short passing tho wat ya think ?? then let me kno how you set up yo defensive line push-up or deep or normal ?? also let me know about yo closing down