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Just finished No Country For Old Men:

Jul 23, 2023
Reaction score
First of all, this movie was superb. There were only a few scenes where my eyes were not glued to the screen, and I found myself holding my breathe for minutes at a time from certain scenes. The amazing still shots and lack of soundtrack only add to the film’s beauty. NCFOM goes hand for hand with other top-tier Cohen brothers films like The Big Lebowski and Fargo. The tension in the first hour hits like no other and every scene with Anton feels nearly flawless, but Llewelyn’s death goes unexplained and isn’t on camera and the focus on Officer Bell didn’t make sense to me. Obviously Tommy Lee Jones is ‘the old man’, but I don’t understand the purpose of the last two dialogues he has. Definitely going to check out the book, which might help to add some context, but could someone fill me in on what I’m missing? Is Anton even in the motel when Officer Bell goes back to check the crime scene, and does he escape through the vent?