Just found the game....what 'extras' should I download?


Sep 2, 2014
Hi all,

I just found my near mint condition FM 2010 while was looking through my PC games back catalogue.

I notice I downloaded the FM 2010 Patch 10.3. I must have lost interest afterwards. Though I'm up for a management fix again now.

My questions are:

X Is there a qualitative difference between FM2010 and FM2014? From Youtube the match engine doesn't seem that advanced Any new features or incremental improvements.

X Is there a Patch after 10.3? If so where can I download it?

X What is the best club logo pack? Where can get it?

X What s the best face pack?

X What are the best skins and where are they? I'm a Birmingham City fan. Where s there one?

Apologies if these questions have been answered before. :) I wanted a one stop thread.