Just had to leave my local club


Feb 5, 2024
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Played as my local club Werder Bremen, 3rd year, I brought them to the Europa league and Pokal finals, and due to a boneheaded red card + penalty, lost the Europa league final, then admirably lost to Bayern in the Pokal. Next year we went out in Europa league semi finals due to 2 penalties given, (ofc game gave me no options to complain about refs in press conference the one time I wanted to). Ever since then we’ve made champions league and bc of the new **** format we have no chance of winning a continental championship. Now in 2031, last two years we’ve come second to Bayern, and we’ve finally reached our first final since that painful 3rd year. We get to the final and we lose 4-1, tho we played much better than the scoreline shows. I might be partially to blame bc I put in a slightly out of game shape RB in bc my 1st RB was injured and the second was training poorly for a whole month. And the first two goals were from that side, but also literally perfect top bin goals, not much you can do I guess. I wasn’t mad at the team, told them I was proud of them and was ready to move on to the next season.

Yet when we had our end of season meeting, I said I wanted to challenge for the title next season (which I’ve said the previous seasons, this season we ended 4th but with 70 points, the same we’ve had the last 3 seasons where we ended second), and a few were not happy with it, I pressed them further saying we can do this, and the whole team was unhappy. Unmotivated *****. I’ve signed a bunch of wage mercenaries that clearly only enjoy the champions league music and nothing else. I resigned at that moment. Chelsea hired me. I wonder what other wage mercenaries await me.
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